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Pierce Brosnan is a Fire Eater

Mr Bond, James Bond, is a serious Fire Bug. In 1969 he went to an acting workshop where he ran into a fire eating instructor who was teaching trailing tricks to women. He used the fire manipulation skills he learned to create a circle show and do a little busking; this got him noticed by a circus agent who picked him up for a three year run. It may have been his first real push into show biz.

Brosnan later ate fire on two television shows; Remington Steele (1984) in an episode called “High Flying Steele” and, more importantly, on the Muppet Show (Episode 204).

The terrible fire eating mix up Brosnan made on the Muppet show is a great cautionary tale about about fuel safety.

Brosnan normally did his tricks with kerosene, which is what we all did before we smartened up and learned that white gas is far better. Now as any good fire bug knows, it’s important to use kerosene for “The Blow” because it is a fuel that require a good amount of wicking to burn and it is far less likely to burn back into your mouth.

When Pierce was preparing to go on with his act, the stage hand suggested he try this new, less awful tasting fuel. Pierce remembers:

“I was in the tuxedo. The prop guy was there and he said, ‘This (other) stuff is great. It doesn’t taste of anything, you don’t smell it.’ I went, ‘This is good. I’ll try this.” It was like rocket fuel. I blew it, it all came back into my mouth and my mouth blew up. I had blisters for the rest of the show.” – Quotation Credit

The fuel he ended up using was white gas. If you watch the clip below it clearly shows the flame burning back into his mouth, but Mr Bond takes it like a man and shows little sign of being injured. Because of that avoidable accident Brosnan rarely eats fire now, which is sad because it’s so damn cool.

Lesson: Always use the proper fuel for the proper tricks. For the Blow it is safest to use Kerosine, so just deal with the bad taste rather than the 2nd degree burns.

Partner Ex poi dition

Except from the video: “This is a silent film I made in one day. It is the story of my search for a partner to play poi with in a partnerless land. This was Brad and I’s first day doing partner poi together and we made the little routine at the end in a couple hours.

All the music was taken from awesome musicians at

Wanna learn poi? and

Wanna have more play in your life?”

Manipulate Everything, even pizza dough?

The second I watched this my first reaction was “I hope they don’t eat that dough after”, but then the flood of wow came over me and the health code violations faded into the background. Just think what must go into a skill like this? Do you need a special kind of dough? Can you still eat “manipulation” dough? Are there special catching techniques? The mind reels.

Write up on youtube:

Ninio Coniglio demonstrates his award-winning acrobatics during a NYC Pizza Bus stop at Pizzeria Del Corso in Brooklyn (3003 Ave U).

Now you can catch Nino at his awesome new pizzeria Nonna’s LES at 105 Clinton St (between Rivington St & Delancey St) NYC.’s Gotta Hoop Video

You’ve got to see this. Bravo, this video is adorable.
Warning: Philo strips 🙂

Except from the video: “When you’re bored to death at work and in life sometimes something shows up that can change all that. This short film by Philo Hagen follows him from the office to the night streets below, ultimately hula hooping his way through downtown Los Angeles in his underwear. Soundtrack: “Gotta Do” by Quentin Harris from his killer album “No Politics.””

Conceptual Juggling

“Just playing around with aphew ideas – more to come…..
Music: I am this.”

Spring Clean Like a Minimalist, The 100 Thing Challenge

Spring cleaning is trending on twitter which means that nice weather is just around the corner. I have a deep love for the spring scrub and purge ritual that steams from childhood. Working as a family, de-cluttering and downsizing, washing and scrubbing, opening all the windows and doors to get the staleness of winter out and bring in the breeze and the feeling of a fresh start.

People, like computers, just need to reboot now and again, us creative types especially. In college the semester breaks cut your educational career into manageable chunks. I think we use the spring cleaning ritual to de-clutter more than our homes; we use it to de-clutter our minds.

Why not shake things up this year. Why not do something a little more interesting, fun, introspective and potentially life changing. Why not select 100 personal things to keep and get ride of the rest? It may sound extreme but stay with me on this one.

This is not originally my idea, I first can across it on Zen Habits in an article I stumbled across a few weeks ago. The idea sparked my interest, and sent me on a wild google search for others who had written about this extremist minimalism experiment. Low and behold Dave Bruno, the originator of the idea, had written a book on the topic. In the spirit of minimalism I bought the kindle version and proceeders to devour it over the next couple days.

I had been buzzing about the 100 Thing Challenge and now it’s time to commit. As of the end of this month I will own no more that 100 items. Over the next couple weeks as I narrow my worldly possessions down to the bare essentials, I’ll be posting about the experience. If this sounds like something you might be interested in doing yourself I recommend you check out Dave Bruno’s wonderful book “The 100 Thing Challenge”

Dave’s original post that inspired his later book
Times Article

Get A Free Tix to Light and Motion

Over the next 4 days at 2 random times we will chose a random L&M attendee on Facebook (using If their profile picture is a prop manipulation picture (bonus points if you use one of the new banner picture) you get a free weekend pass! Easy!!

Thank you agin and please keep spreading the word. We have people buying tix from Winnipeg to Vancouver to Portland, it’s going to be an amazing year.

Facebook Event Page

Tyler Doucette & Natural Geometry

This week we call attention to Tyler Doucette who is a self-developed motion artist currently working within the realm of sphere manipulation and dance. He is inspired to integrate
Somatic embodiment techniques with these disciplines to create a holistic practice on the principles of flow and self exploration.
Sourced from a variety of elemental experiences from his expeditions domestically and internationally, Tyler´s performance is an expression of and meditation on the subtle geometry of nature.

This year Tyler will be working with the more advanced contact jugglers at light and motion.

Contact Juggling Skills

For those who feel their contact juggling has progressed to an intermediate level or above. In this workshop we will be focusing on advanced balance, isolation and rolling techniques to inspire a new level of creative development
in your contact flow. There will be an in depth technical primer and students development and insight will be highly encouraged through
various interactive play.

Props Required:
4 inch Stage Balls are provided but attendants may prefer to bring a
prop that they are familiar with.

There will also be an optional multiball instructional, please register with Tyler or Carisa on the first day.

Props Required:
3 to 4 balls of your prefered size (2.5 to 3 inch circumferance).
Acrylic is optimal, however Michaels craft store sells smooth wood
spheres in a variety of sizes for an economical price.

SaFire Silhouette

Just one more amazing video from the amazing SaFire. Not only a great performer, but also an inspiring instructor. Check out her online classes!

giveaway winners!

HOOPY HULADAYS to you all!

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