Jade Dussault lights up the night

When French Canadian hooping sensation Jade Dussault told us that she needed 10 custom-sized LED hoops, we were interested in seeing what she planned on doing with them. Jade just released a video of her hoops in action and it is fantastic! Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Pretty It Yourself ~ Fancy Peace Sign Shirt Re-vamp~

That’s kind of an awkward sounding title. But that is essentially what it is.  And it’s a lot cooler than it sounds.

Check it out:

And guess what? It’s really simple.  Once you watch the tutorial, you might be inspired to make all sorts of designs with itty bitty cut-outs.

With [...]

Music Video Features Hooping

And both Rachel and I make appearances!

Check out more Uncle Larry music here.

This was a blast to help create. Bill (my bro in-law) created the entire set, developed the concept from start to finish and this video is part of a series that connects one music video to the next.

He [...]

11 Celebrities That Hoop

By Kyle Petersen

Hooping is growing in popularity every day, with celebrities from the worlds of TV, movies, music, sports and politics getting into the mix? Who are your favorites? Let us know!




Kathie Lee Gifford

Zooey Deschanel

Jason Mraz

Liv Tyler

Richard Simmons

Marisa Tomei

Selena Gomez

Miguel Cabrera

Michelle Obama

7 Ways to Carry Your Hoop on a Bike

By Kyle Petersen

Spring is in full bloom, which means it’s hoop season and bicycle season. Unfortunately, cycling with you hoop can be cumbersome. Take a look at these creative techniques for biking with your hoop:

A man carrying many hoops on a moped

Handlebar-mounted hoop

Special rear wheel hoop mount

Elegant seat post mount

Classic shoulder technique

Hooping while riding

Don't forget to lock your hoop up!

Of course, the easiest way to carry a hoop on a bicycle is just to buy one of our collapsible hoops. Easy to put together and extremely portable, simplify your life and eliminate the hoopla!

Troo Hoops hoop bag

24-Piece Collapsible Hoop

Eureka! We’ve done it. Finally, a collapsible hoop that fits in a 7″ by 7″ box! Our new 24-piece hoop is quite possibly the most collapsible hoop ever made! Why did we do this? Who knows, but it’s pretty cool, huh?

How to Dance with Your Hoop

Happy Springtime from the Cherry Blossom Capitol of the World!

We have lots of family and friends coming for this year’s festival, which is celebrating it’s 100th year. In fact, good ol’ mommy dearest is here now and that makes me happy.

The blossoms bloomed waaaaay early this year because of the [...]

New! Motor Dance Hoops

Sick of dropping your hoop and bending down to pick it up, constantly straining your lower back? Troo Hoops can 100% guarantee you will NEVER DROP AGAIN with our brand new Combustion Driven Motor Dance Hoops with Always Spin(tm) technology. Combining eco-friendly hybrid electrical motor engineering with diesel fuel our Motor Dance Hoop won’t let you down. Simply place the hoop in the small of your back, flip the switch and get ready for engine driven non-stop hooping. You’ll never ever lose a hoop off again. Just make sure to keep her gassed up!

Combustion Driven Motor Dance Hoops start at just $250 each, tape not included. Click here to order.

Strobing LED Hoops!

We are thrilled to announce our newest product, Strobing LED Hoops. These hoops rapidly change color many times per second, creating an outstanding visual effect. Available in 7 color schemes, click here to order now!

Laser Gem Northern Lights Mardi Gras Melon Phoenix Terra

The Day of the Giant 76-Inch Hoop

by Rigel Sarjoo

Sometimes the best moments are the unplanned ones. And so it was on March 11, 2012, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Washington Square Park, NYC.
I headed to the park with my guitar and my two collapsible Troo Hoops. After some music, I dropped my belongings in front of the Washington Square Arch, put together my new 36″ dance hoop, and hooped it up for a minute. Then I took out my 39″ sport hoop for Brian Dubé, Troo Hoops founder and Washington Square habitué, to use:

Brian shows off his balancing skills. (Photo credit: Sandy Hechtman)

After some mutual spinning and trick sharing, Brian got the idea to try hooping with two of us in the hoop at one time. When that failed, he took both hoops and created a giant hoop, 76 inches in diameter. After some adjusting, it was ready:

I tested out this new creation. Although a tiny bit unstable, it definitely worked!

After Brian took his turn…

…the audience participation started.

At one point, which you can hear in the following video, one of the guys asked, “What are we doing?” to which Brian replied, “We don’t know!” Such was the spirit of the afternoon.

So when you combine friends, a nice park day, photographers, and a few collapsible Troo Hoops, this is basically what you get:

Enjoy the beautiful weather this week if you are in New York City, and wherever you are, send us pictures and videos of your wackiest hoop escapades!

All photos and video courtesy of Brian Dubé unless otherwise stated.

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