10 Tips to Nail That New Move

Pedro & flag poiAdmit it, you’re stuck. There’s at least one move you’ve been having some serious trouble with. Here are 10 ways to nail that new move.

1. Break it down
Every move in prop manipulation can be broken down into a series of simpler moves. For example, if you’re working on a trick that requires movements with both hands, try one hand at a time until the movements feel ingrained in muscle memory. Then try bringing the two halves together.

2. Watch a tutorial
Since the birth of YouTube there’s been an explosion in the quality and availability of tutorials. Get clear instruction streaming right to your computer screen. If you find that tutorials are a really effective way for you to learn, you might consider looking into online classes.

3. Check out a demo
Perhaps the move you’re working on doesn’t have a tutorial or the ones you found are unclear. It helps to find a video where the move is being executed expertly and comparing the movements to your own. Use a mirror to help Identify what you are doing differently from the video.

4. Slow Mo
Many online video players including the one on Juggling.tv have a slow motion toggle. Slow down the movement to see the intricacies of each element in the trick. A good visial understanding will help you replicate it.

5. Watch Yourself
Both mirrors and video can be useful for helping you connect the way a movement looks and the why it feels. This is especially important in isolation work. My personal favorite while traveling is to use the isight camera on my Mac or when playing outside, the reflection in glass doors and windows. Your shadow on a sunny day makes a great mirror as well.

6. Mime it
If you can’t seem to get the move with your prop in motion, set it aside and walking through the move. Miming the movement without the prop will activate your muscle memory. The motion will feel more intuitive once the prop is reintroduced.

7. Visualize it
The ability to imagine scenarios that have not yet happened is one of the things that make human beings unique. When you imagine an experience, it lights up many of the same areas of your brain that are active when you actually engaged in the activity. Imagine getting a bad paper cut; you cringed a little, and this is because imagining the experience is real to parts of your mind.

Visualization often used in gymnastics. Athletes spend part of their training imagining the routine and how each step feels. Routinely walking though troublesome moves in your mind will allow you to take advantage of this mental hack. You can read more about the power of visualization by visiting this link.

8. Be a puppet
If you have access to someone who knows the move, ask them to “manipulate” your body through the steps of the trick. Moving through the trick’s pattern activates your muscle memory. When on your own with your toys your body will have a much easier time hitting those pre-set targets. Knowing how your body should move makes it’s easier to feel what you are doing incorrectly.

hooping it up9. Sleep on it
As we uncover the secrets of the brain, neuroscientists discover that sleep is crutial to memory and learning. Sleep allows your brain to process the experiences of the day during through “Non-REM sleep”. So while your eyes are closed and you’re resting, parts of your brain that were lit up during your attempt to nail the behind the back weave will be active. As a result you learn while you sleep.

On this note it’s important to get a good night sleep as often as you can just as a part of healthy living. Read more here.

10. Change toys
Most prop manipulators play with multiple toys. Since many moves can be done with more than one prop, if you are stuck on a particular move, why not try with a more familiar prop. For example, you might find that the corkscrew in hooping becomes easier once you walk through the move with poi. Also try a bigger hoop, a shorter set of poi or heavier balls. Switch it up and get a fresh perspective.

We all hit a wall eventually. It’s easy to stick to the moves you know and fall into a lazy pattern when moves that seem impossible dampen your spirits. Stop, breathe and remember to celebrate all the incremental improvements. Good luck.

Light and Motion 2012, Annual Prop Fest

Thank you guys for your imput over the past months. All has been taken into account to bring you an even better festival for 2012. Mark it on your calendars August 4th and 5th 2012 and hold on you your props cause it’s going to be one amazing year. Thinking about coming to Light and Motion 4?? Find out more about us by clicking here.

A Weekend Pass at the Early Bird price is $85 CAD (Same price as last year!!) Buy your’s now.

8 Reasons to Take Your Play Outside

It’s mid-summer, about the time when we all start taking the sunshine and warm weather for granted. If the novelty of a nice day is not enough to get you to pack up your poi or hump up your hoops to the park, here are 8 more reasons to take your toys outside.

  1. Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D
  2. Vitamin D is an important part if maintaining a healthy immune system. This essential vitamin has been proven to help prevent osteoporosis, cancer, and Alzheimer disease. It also may help in the prevention of Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and heart disease.

  3. Fresh Air
  4. Ahh, take in a big breath of that re-circulated, heavy air with the slight after taste of lemon pledge. Now, wouldn’t you like to go outside? I thought so.

  5. Do it For Your Eye Balls
  6. For most of our day we tend to focus our eyes directly in front of us when looking at a computer screen, working or reading. Your pupils contract when looking at various distances, it is important to work out this body function for good eye health. Simply by walking around outdoors, your eyes have a chance to both focus on the ground in front of you and the landscape around you, which is great exercise for TV and monitor over-stimulated eyes.

  7. Boost Your Energy & Mood
  8. Our bodies use sunlight to regulate a variety of functions that affect our mood and energy level. Without enough sunlight, we often feel down and lack energy. Our modern lifestyles often add to the problem because we may spend most of our time under artificial lights that simply do not replicate sunlight.

  9. Clear Up the Tummy Rumblin’s
  10. One proven benefits of sunlight is that it can help to stimulate your appetite and improve your digestion, elimination, and metabolism.

  11. Clearer Healthier Looking Skin
  12. A definite plus of sunshine is that (In small doses) it can give you a healthy looking complexion. It will make your skin smooth, prevent acne and create a healthy glow.

  13. Improve Your Memory and Mental Focus
  14. Researchers Marc Berman, John Jonides and Stephen Kaplan found memory performance and attention spans improved by 20 percent after people spent an hour interacting with nature. They also believe the findings could have broader impact on helping people who may be suffering from mental fatigue. http://www.ns.umich.edu/htdocs/releases/story.php?id=6892

  15. Get Away from the Clicks & Beeps
  16. Going outside gives you an opportunity to forget about the phone, TV, internet, and to-do lists. We tend to carry our hectic schedule wherever we go, and getting outdoors is one good way to relax and recharge our body and mind.

Just remember to wear a hat, slather on the sun screen and keep hydrated.

Why we should all be Prop Manipulators

prop manipulation
Are you looking for an excuses to offer your friends, partner or parents for why you have become suddenly obsessed with skill toys, prop manipulation and/or fire arts?? Yay, me too. Here’s a list of some of the great benefits that come with being a Prop Manipulator.

Enjoyment and Fun

The first obvious thing is that skill toys are really fun. Playing with and manipulation objects keeps you smiling, laughing and feeling playful.

Right now there are over 120 million prescription for anti-depressants floating around. Although many people may truly require these medications, I wonder what would happen if we gave them hoops and poi instead. A little self indulgent play time can go a long way towards individual well being. http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/nancy_etcoff_on_happiness_and_why_we_want_it.html

Stay Active and Fit

The second reason to spin, juggle or burn thing is fitness. And not just for physical fitness either, play has been proven to be beneficial to your cognitive fitness as well. Object Manipulation goes beyond normal physical exercise to engage the brain—and both sides of it—in a balancing and coordination act that ranks second to none.


By developing your skills with different props, you are simultaneously increasing your reaction time in general and ability to focus. Many jugglers find that 15 minutes of play time before a university class can mean the difference between snoring through calculus and being that front row keener.

As an experiment try switching out your morning coffee for a quick jam session with your favorite prop. You might notice, like I did, increased alertness, better problem solving and an overall sense of well being throughout the day; and all with out the 3pm caffein crash.


It’s important to have a good stress-management system, especially in our hectic, fast passed modern world. We all “juggle” our way through life, trying to balance career, home life, family, commitments… all without ‘dropping the ball.’ Skill Toys naturally bring you to deep breathing and concentration on the activity at hand—focusing the mind away from racing, stressful thoughts.

Creative Problem-Solving

Like learning anything new, skill toys challenge and expand your mind. However, unlike, say, learning a new language, prop manipulation involves the use of both sides of the brain in conjunction with both sides of the body, making it an extraordinary brain workout that pushes your mind and body beyond its normal limits. Juggling has even been proved to physically increase the size of your brain. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/5615.php

Also Prop Manipulation naturally lends itself to visualization. We see a trick we want to learn, we watch some videos and carefully follow the movements and with out even thinking about it we then picture ourselves doing it, even miming the action. This skill of visualization is what separates us from the rest of our animal brethren and can bring you far greater abilities to problem solve in your everyday life. http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_gilbert_asks_why_are_we_happy.html

7 Cleaning Tips for Prop Manipulators

We prop manipulators are hard on our toys. We drop, scuff, and dirty them almost constantly. Here are some tips on getting your props as shiny as new and undoing some of the damage to your home.

Removing Goo and Gunk – WD-40

Hoops and staves covered in tape glue and old damaged stickers can be salvaged. WD-40 to the rescue. It can be used as a powerful solvent, removing paint, gum, glue, playa gunk, stickers and more. It’s also one of those products most of us have in the garage somewhere. I use it often to get permanent marker off of white boards and mirrors, old stickers off show cases and for striping my hoops when they need to be re-taped.

Removing Scuffs From Walls – Mr Clean Magic Erase

If your house is like mine there are many rather noticeable scuff marks on the walls of any room big enough to use as a practice space. Good news, you don’t have to repaint to have pristine walls again. Mr Clean Magic Erase is a water-activated sponge with micro-scrubbers that will take scuffs off any surface like… well magic.

Removing Soot Stains From Clothing – Vinegar and Detergent

Fire performance is a dirty business. For soot stains on clothing, first shake and beat as much of the soot out as possible. Dab at the stain with a liquid detergent and a clean white cloth. Sponge the detergent into the stain until the area is saturated, and try washing it normally in the washing machine with a 1/4 cup of vinegar. Wash the item alone, since soot can spread to other articles of clothing in the load. Also, do not put the clothes in the dryer without checking the stain. Vola, favorite spin costume saved!

Removing Soot Stains From Furniture and Carpet – Rubbing alcohol

Who hasn’t carelessly left a soot mark on the sofa or carpet when unloading their fire toys. Don’t sweat it. Make sure not to wet soot stains on carpets or furniture upholstery with water. Start by vacuuming the stain, working from the outside edges of the soot stain towards the center. Now use that handy dandy rubbing alcohol on any remaining grey marks after vacuuming. Rubbing alcohol should also be tested on an inconspicuous area before using. Put the rubbing alcohol onto a clean white cloth and dab at the soot stain. Remember not to rub, and do not pour the rubbing alcohol directly onto the soot stain.

Best Storage For Props – Clean and Dry

Wipe your toys with a clean, damp cloth before putting them away to avoid staining. Try to keep them away from moisture and wet places. Too much moisture can cause the tape to become unstuck or slip out of place.

Reshaping Tip For Hoops – Sun Bathing

If the hoop becomes bent out of shape, leave it on a flat surface out in the sun or in a warm room for a SHORT amount of time until it flattens. Avoid exposing the hoops to prolonged heat as it can loosen the adhesive on the tape

Repairing Loose Toys and Tape – Super Glue

In most cases a loose bolt or screw on any prop will just need to be retightened or replaced. You should be doing prop checks before every performance anyway to I recommend carrying a screw driver and hammer to make repairs on the go. If the tape on your hoop is coming off on one end, you can use a dab or super glue to get it through the performance.

Too Much Stuff Fail, The 100 Thing Challenge Part 3

Edited by Patricia Taylor

After two months of doing the 100 Thing Challenge, I’ve run into some…challenges. My initial 94 items has ballooned into 112. It wasn’t even until I went through my things in preparation for this article that I noticed how many new things I had actually acquired.

How does this happen? How do we accumulate so much stuff without noticing?

Making Excuses

Whenever we think about making a purchase, there are little justifications we use to convince ourselves we need the things that we simply want. If you are anything like me the internal monologue sounds a little bit like this:

“Do I need it? It’s a bit pricy, is it really worth it? Can I get it cheaper? Well I’m here now and I have that money coming in next week from X, Y and Z. I deserve a little treat anyway, and I think I’d use it. Imagine all the stuff I could do with it. Yeah I should get it.”

Next thing you know you’re bouncing home, purchase in hand, confident that you made the right decision and have enriched your life with this new trinkets. Now, a week or two later, where is that item you were so sure you couldn’t live without?? In a closet? In a drawer? Or in the trash?

The Trap of “I Deserve It”

At the beginning of May, around my birthday, two interesting things were happening. First, I was feeling very grateful that most of my friends were giving me digital items, buying me dinner or taking me to shows for my birthday. Almost no one bought me any items that would count towards my list. I felt this reflected great support from my peers for the project, but I also suspect that it was advantageous to them as well since I am notoriously hard to buy for.

At the same time I found myself not being able to resist a few purchases. It was so easy to tell myself “well it’s my birthday, I deserve it” and buy that new iphone guilt free.

I suspect that this trap of rewarding ourselves with new stuff is a huge contributer to our mass consumerism, crippling credit card debts and over stuffed houses and minds. There is nothing wrong with celebrating your successes, in fact it can contribute to overall better quality of life.; but what about taking a nice bike ride, having an lazy afternoon or curling up at your favorite coffee shop with a good book from the library. Why not reward ourselves with experiences rather than things, it’s at least as satisfying, usually cheaper and very likely better for our planet.

Know Why You Buy Things

Whether it’s retail therapy issues, buying things that reflect a certain Identity or just refusing to throw out your old and useless item because you might need it one day, it helps to know they “why” behind the things you buy. Take today to do a little soul searching and ask yourself why you keep buying all that unnecessary stuff.

In the last couple months I have fallen pray to many consumerist traps and I realize now that I’ll have to try a lot harder to keep my life to 100 items if I’m going to take this experiments seriously.

My Too Many Items


  1. Sun Glasses – Clic Googles
  2. Hat – Fedora
  3. Hat – Fox Tuque
  4. ***New*** Hat – Ball Cap
  5. Belt – For Pants
  6. Belt – For Dresses
  7. Shirt – Warm Weather / Spaghetti Strap
  8. Shirt – Warm Weather / Spaghetti Strap
  9. Shirt – Warm Weather / Spaghetti Strap
  10. Shirt – Warm Weather / Tank Top
  11. Shirt – Warm Weather / Tank Top
  12. Shirt – Warm Weather / Tank Top
  13. Shirt – Warm Weather / T-shirt (Fightlinker)
  14. ***New*** Shirt – Warm Weather / T-shirt (Firepedia)
  15. Shirt – Warm Weather / Red Jacob T-shirt
  16. Shirt – Warm Weather
  17. Shirt – Warm Weather
  18. Shirt – Warm Weather
  19. Shirt – Button up
  20. Shirt – Cold Weather / Invader Zim
  21. Shirt – Cold Weather / Black
  22. Shirt – Cold Weather / Black
  23. Shirt – Cold Weather / Black and Grey Striped long
  24. Shirt – Cold Weather
  25. Shirt – Cold Weather
  26. Sweater – Lulu Lemon
  27. Sweater – Long & Grey
  28. Sweater – Work Out
  29. Vest – Leather
  30. Pants – Jeans
  31. Pants – Pin Strip Black Formal
  32. Pants – Lulu Lemon
  33. Pants – Lulu Lemon
  34. Pants – Work Out
  35. Pants – Work Out
  36. Pants
  37. Pants
  38. Pants
  39. Shorts
  40. Leggings
  41. Leggings
  42. Skirt – Long / Red
  43. Skirt – Long / Blue
  44. Skirt – Long / Partnered
  45. Skirt – Long / Black
  46. Skirt – Short / Black
  47. Skirt – Short / Grey
  48. Dress – Evening
  49. Dress – Sun
  50. Dress – Cocktail
  51. Suit – Grey Pinstripe
  52. House Coat – Kimono
  53. Socks – 10 Pair
  54. Bathing Suit – Pokka dot one piece
  55. Bathing Suit – Bikini
  56. Bathing Suit – Bikini
  57. Underwear – 10 pairs
  58. Shoes – Flats
  59. Shoes – Converse
  60. Shoes – Heels
  61. Long Coat
  62. ***New*** Black Jacket
  63. ***New*** Hip Sack – Blue
  64. Grooming

  65. Small Jewelry and Costume Pieces (12 items)
  66. Make Up Palette – Mac Palette
  67. Make Up Brush / Grooming Kit
  68. Hair Straightener
  69. Hair Brush
  70. Hair Clip
  71. Hair Clip
  72. Comb
  73. Toothbrush – Electric
  74. Face Cloth
  75. First Aid Kit
  76. Office and Electronics

  77. Laptop – Macbook
  78. Video Camera – Flip
  79. ***Replaced*** Camera – Point and Shoot / Olympus Water Proof Digital
  80. Old Camera Broken- Point and Shoot
  81. ***Replaced*** Phone – iPhone
  82. Old Broken Phone – iPhone
  83. Hard Drive – 500 GB
  84. Hard Drive – 100 GB
  85. Thumb Drive 10 GB
  86. Headphone – Roots
  87. ***New*** Headphone – Ear Buds
  88. ***New*** Headphone Splitter
  89. Podcast Microphone
  90. Battery Charger
  91. ***New*** Solar Powered Battery Charger
  92. Label Maker
  93. Notebook – Mole Skin
  94. Filing Portfolio
  95. Hobbies

  96. Book – Non-fiction
  97. Book – Fiction
  98. Bike – Hampton Cruiser
  99. Every Day Items

  100. Keys
  101. Money Clip (Bulldog clip)
  102. ***New*** Business Card Holder
  103. Water Bottle – Nalegeen
  104. ***New*** Reusable Coffee Mug
  105. ***New*** Aeropress Coffee Maker
  106. Travel and Repair

  107. Passport
  108. Suit Case – Carry On
  109. Suit Case – Blue, Air Canada, Medium Sized
  110. Suit Case – Day Pack / Hydro pack
  111. ***New*** Flight Case -Blue
  112. Sewing Kit
  113. Home Decor

  114. Comforter and Sheet Set
  115. Art – Water Color Painting
  116. Art – Waterhouse Print
  117. ***New*** Art – Print
  118. ***New*** Art – Print

Dave’s original post that inspired his later book
Times Article

Fire Eating is one Hot Job


This month Miss Carisa Hendrix (that’s me) made it on the cover of Avenue Magazine. The article being highlighted was about 5 different “Cool Jobs” including a brewmaster, a personal shopper, a book picker and trail guide. It was interesting to be listed amongst these 30 and 40 some things as having nailed my dream job (BTW I’m 23). I hope this article can inspire others to chase their ultimate careers, because if a nerdy little girl in the early 20s can so, you sure well can.

The article is on page 66 if you get a copy of want to check out the online issue.

John Connell’s The Performing Life

Name: John Connell
City: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Age: 24

When I was 16, after graduating from high school, I traveled to Bolivia to meet up with my girlfriend who happened to be the then president’s granddaughter. At first I was living in La Paz, eating at the presidential palace, driving around with my own bodyguard and chauffeur, basically living a life of luxury. Eventually things took a turn and I ended breaking up with the girl. I traveled to Cochabamba, where I quickly made many friends and decided to not return to the states. Upon telling my mother I was not getting on the plane, she became quite angry, and after saying, “I am not giving you any more money to screw around in South America, so you better find a job”, she hung up on me.

As I didn’t speak much Spanish, it was impossible to find a job. I ended up living on the streets and in friend’s houses. One day I saw some little kids juggling with lemons at the stoplight. I knew how to juggle a little bit and decided to try it out. The first day I tried, I made enough money to eat. As my skills increased, I eventually built some fire torches and made even more money. Each night I would go out to the stoplights, and work for a few hours juggling fire. Eventually I was making enough to rent my own place and live comfortably.

Working on the streets, I met many impoverished youth and some I taught to juggle. I saw how this activity helped them earn more money in less time and helped make more time for them to go to school. Eventually when I returned to the States in late 2004, I thought back on my experiences and how I saw juggling change the lives of the youth I met and decided to try and help make a difference in more working and street youth’s live in Bolivia. When I was 19 I funded Performing Life, Inc.

Performing Life is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the US that helps youth who are working and/or living on the streets of Cochabamba, Bolivia. We empower youth by teaching them performing and visual arts as productive skills for avoiding drugs and delinquency while improving their economic well being through creative activities. Founded in 2005 by John Connell when he was 18, Performing Life is youth-led and managed.

Since returning to Cochabamba in 2006, Performing Life and myself have helped hundreds of youth improve their lives through the arts. We have a skilled group of fire performers that are regularly contracted out and have built up a wonderful group of youth that are highly skilled performers. We continue to help more and more youth every day. This is my success story.

If you would like to support this cause. You make a donation using the link below.

The Game Begins, The 100 Thing Challenge Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted an article about the “100 Thing Challenge” and my desire to try it out myself.

Just in time for spring cleaning the “100 thing challenge” was exactly the kind of experiment I was looking for. I buckled down and meticulously sorted through my varied possessions, making itemized and detailed lists and giving a lot away. I have learned so much about my relationship with my possessions and I highly recommend trying it out yourself.

The following are a few tips I can offer and my own exceptions and possessions list.

Things to Keep in Mind

The number is arbitrary; you might pick 200, or 50 items. It’s up to you. Make sure the number is realistic but still challenging.

You can always count some things as sets if they are important for you to keep and very numerous. Dave uses this to count his huge library of books as “one library” since books are very important to him

It’s not suppose to lower your quality of life. If you can’t make it to 100 items with out making your life more difficult, then change the number.

My Exceptions

  1. Business Items: Props, equipment and costumes for performances will not be counted
  2. Underwear: A pack of 12 will count as one set
  3. Socks: A pack of 12 will count as one set
  4. Consumables: This is a list of personal things there for consumable items such as toothpaste, shampoo and food Items will not be counted
    If an items comes with accessories (ie cords, covers, plugs) they will be counted together as one item
  5. Sanitary Items: Anything from condoms to pads will be put into one kit with Tylenol and fist aid items and considered as one. (First aid kit)
  6. Records and Files: Each file box or portfolio will be counted one item. Digital files do not count as items.

My 100 Items


  1. Sun Glasses – Clic Googles
  2. Hat – Fedora
  3. Hat – Fox Tuque
  4. Belt – For Pants
  5. Belt – For Dresses
  6. Shirt – Warm Weather / Spaghetti Strap
  7. Shirt – Warm Weather / Spaghetti Strap
  8. Shirt – Warm Weather / Spaghetti Strap
  9. Shirt – Warm Weather / Tank Top
  10. Shirt – Warm Weather / Tank Top
  11. Shirt – Warm Weather / Tank Top
  12. Shirt – Warm Weather / T-shirt (Fightlinker)
  13. Shirt – Warm Weather / Red Jacob T-shirt
  14. Shirt – Warm Weather
  15. Shirt – Warm Weather
  16. Shirt – Warm Weather
  17. Shirt – Button up
  18. Shirt – Cold Weather / Invader Zim
  19. Shirt – Cold Weather / Black
  20. Shirt – Cold Weather / Black
  21. Shirt – Cold Weather / Black and Grey Striped long
  22. Shirt – Cold Weather
  23. Shirt – Cold Weather
  24. Sweater – Lulu Lemon
  25. Sweater – Long & Grey
  26. Sweater – Work Out
  27. Vest – Leather
  28. Pants – Jeans
  29. Pants – Pin Strip Black Formal
  30. Pants – Lulu Lemon
  31. Pants – Lulu Lemon
  32. Pants – Work Out
  33. Pants – Work Out
  34. Pants
  35. Pants
  36. Pants
  37. Shorts
  38. Leggings
  39. Leggings
  40. Skirt – Long / Red
  41. Skirt – Long / Blue
  42. Skirt – Long / Partnered
  43. Skirt – Long / Black
  44. Skirt – Short / Black
  45. Skirt – Short / Grey
  46. Dress – Evening
  47. Dress – Sun
  48. Dress – Cocktail
  49. Suit – Grey Pinstripe
  50. House Coat – Kimono
  51. Socks – 12 Pair
  52. Bathing Suit – Pokka dot one piece
  53. Bathing Suit – Bikini
  54. Bathing Suit – Bikini
  55. Underwear – 12 pairs
  56. Shoes – Flats
  57. Shoes – Converse
  58. Shoes – Heels
  59. Long Coat
  60. Grooming

  61. Small Jewelry and Costume Pieces (12 items)
  62. Make Up Palette – Mac Palette
  63. Make Up Brush / Grooming Kit
  64. Hair Straightener
  65. Hair Brush
  66. Hair Clip
  67. Hair Clip
  68. Comb
  69. Toothbrush – Electric
  70. Face Cloth
  71. First Aid Kit
  72. Office and Electronics

  73. Laptop – Macbook
  74. Video Camera – Flip
  75. Camera – Point and Shoot / Canon Cybershot
  76. Phone – iPhone
  77. Hard Drive – 500 GB
  78. Hard Drive – 100 GB
  79. Thumb Drive 10 GB
  80. Headphone – Roots
  81. Podcast Microphone
  82. Battery Charger
  83. Label Maker
  84. Notebook – Mole Skin
  85. Filing Portfolio
  86. Hobbies

  87. Book – Non-fiction
  88. Book – Fiction
  89. Bike – Hampton Cruiser
  90. Every Day Carry

  91. Keys
  92. Money Clip (Bulldog clip)
  93. Water Bottle – Nalegeen
  94. Travel and Repair

  95. Passport
  96. Suit Case – Carry On
  97. Suit Case – Blue, Air Canada, Medium Sized
  98. Suit Case – Day Pack / Hydro pack
  99. Sewing Kit
  100. Home Decor

  101. Comforter and Sheet Set
  102. Painting – Original
  103. Painting – Waterhouse Print

Dave’s original post that inspired his later book
Times Article

Spring Clean Like a Minimalist, The 100 Thing Challenge

Spring cleaning is trending on twitter which means that nice weather is just around the corner. I have a deep love for the spring scrub and purge ritual that steams from childhood. Working as a family, de-cluttering and downsizing, washing and scrubbing, opening all the windows and doors to get the staleness of winter out and bring in the breeze and the feeling of a fresh start.

People, like computers, just need to reboot now and again, us creative types especially. In college the semester breaks cut your educational career into manageable chunks. I think we use the spring cleaning ritual to de-clutter more than our homes; we use it to de-clutter our minds.

Why not shake things up this year. Why not do something a little more interesting, fun, introspective and potentially life changing. Why not select 100 personal things to keep and get ride of the rest? It may sound extreme but stay with me on this one.

This is not originally my idea, I first can across it on Zen Habits in an article I stumbled across a few weeks ago. The idea sparked my interest, and sent me on a wild google search for others who had written about this extremist minimalism experiment. Low and behold Dave Bruno, the originator of the idea, had written a book on the topic. In the spirit of minimalism I bought the kindle version and proceeders to devour it over the next couple days.

I had been buzzing about the 100 Thing Challenge and now it’s time to commit. As of the end of this month I will own no more that 100 items. Over the next couple weeks as I narrow my worldly possessions down to the bare essentials, I’ll be posting about the experience. If this sounds like something you might be interested in doing yourself I recommend you check out Dave Bruno’s wonderful book “The 100 Thing Challenge”

Dave’s original post that inspired his later book
Times Article