The Art of Copy Writing: The Business of Show

First of all, you might be wondering what “copy” is exactly. Also referred to as “ad copy,” it is any set of words used to sell something, usually in print. If you plan on having any promotional materials or a website for yourself or your show, you’ll need to write some copy.

Where to Start

Well that depends on what it is you are selling; is it yourself? Or a specific show? Either way you’ll need to describe what it is you are offering in an enticing way. Good copy is tantamount to a type of marketing seduction. Don’t panic, there are some tricks to can employ to up your game and increases your chances of success. The following is a short list of some of the most powerful buzzwords in show biz.

His amazing stage presence…

The extraordinary is possible when you…

Returning from her international tour…

A powerful performance that will leave your guests breathless…

A remarkable talent for gathering a crowd…

Consider us your entertainment solution…

Years of experience in front of all kinds of audiences…

An interactive performance that…

High Impact
High impact illusions and…

A versatile entertainer…

Award Winning
This award winning fire performer is…

With his long list of accolades…

You are guarantied to walk away with a smile on your face and…

Explain Yourself

When you make a statement, it’s important to try to justify or explain it. For example, “An amazing performance” is less convincing than “An amazing performance crafted over years of touring.” Don’t expect them to believe everything you say. Offering small proves when possible will make your claims easier to digest.

Refer to The Reader

Pick up any magazine and flip through the ads. What is the most commonly used word? “You”

Referring to the client is a great way to draw them in and away from any distractions you might be competing with whenever or wherever they happen to be looking at your promo. Sentences such as, “You won’t believe your eyes” and “We can help you find a solution that works for you” cover the topic of interest most appealing to all people: themselves.

Keep it Simple and Easy

It is important to keep your writing short and sweet. Despite cramming in those fifty-cent words, it still needs to flow and feel concise. Keep in mind that most people will only skim your copy anyway. If you want people to absorb the most important information, don’t surround it by the tedious and unnecessary. The best trick for concise copy is to write it out “long form,” which means with all the details and minimal editing. Then go back and see if you can take out anything that is repetitive, redundant or otherwise unnecessary. Be ruthless when distilling your writing. This takes patience, so take your time.

Bonus Tip

I find a small challenges when writing copy for entertainment related businesses is trying to find new way to refer to the subject at hand, the show. Here are some helpful synonyms for referring to your show:
Show, Performance, Act, Production, Spectacle, or Set

Images and video are wonderful promotional tools, however a well written intro paragraph or description can be a more powerful tool for wining over that potential client. It’s worth the headache and time to get it right. Good luck.

-Carisa Hendrix


Edie, a friend of mine, contacted me after I posted this article to mention a few grammar mistakes. He reminded me that spell checking, grammar and typos are an important step in the copy writing process. Remember to double check and get someone else to read through your work before publishing.

Note: Credit to Edie Bernhardt for grammar and editing.

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