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Low Cost, Highly Targeted Marketing

[Updated NOVEMBER 2010]

About The Fire Bug Podcast 

The Fire Bug Podcast brings in-depth interviews and features directly to a listener’s computer, headset, or portable MP3 player. With a podcasts each week (on Wednesdays) and a host of special programs, how-to information and our high production value, our following is an enthusiastic and loyal collection of entertainers and hobbyists who love fire, perform magic, play with skill toys, go to juggling events and are interested in show biz.

Why Become a Sponsor 

New media, such as podcasting, has been proven to be an extremely effective way of 
getting your message out to a very targeted audience.  The Fire Bug Podcast is offering appropriate organizations and businesses a chance to share their 
message with our audience: a listener base of about 2500 hobbies and 
entertainers. The growth of our base has been consistent and we have doubled our listener base in just the past 3 months. Your message would not only be broadcast to our current followers but would also be available for our growing audience to download as well.

Sponsorship Features

Your $60 Sponsorship Includes ($100 for two slots):

  1. A banner, hyperlinked to your site above the episode descriptions and posts which are features on the home page.
  2. Hyperlink to the advertiser web site. Embedded in the podcast summary, this link appears wherever the podcast appears outside of our site, including sites like iTunes and Podcast Alley.
  3. A mention of the sponsor name, tagline, and URL prior to the feature segment, read by professional voice over talent
  4. A Tweet and Facebook mention to thanks to the sponsor (with sponsor URL) to over 1800 unique followers between the two platforms.

To inquire about a sponsorship, please contact Carisa directly at 269.718.FIRE or by e-mail info@carisahendrix.com

Is the rates too high for you?  Make us an offer!  Until we have all slots full, we are flexible on rates.  Sponsors who pay the advertised rate are assured that rate and sponsorship for the weeks of their choice. Negotiated rates are month to month contracts.

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