List of Poi Tricks

Carisa Hendrix, image by JT Young

Note: This is a basic list of tricks, styles and types of Poi Spinning & Fire Poi moves. There are a great many individual poi tricks and transition, and the list is constantly growing. For a more comprehensive and complete list of poi tricks we suggest you take online or local poi spinning classes.

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It is best to learn simple moves and then gradually move to more advanced moves. Do not forget to work on transitions between different moves and planes. Many find it helpful to practice spinning their poi to music in order to keep a smooth cadence or rhythm.


  1. An interesting variation on the basic butterfly or TTN is to arm wrap and when the poi changes direction toss it up over your arm and catch it, continuing with the butterfly. It is a common misconception that tosses can only be done with glowsticks, weighted poi or contact poi. I disagree. With simple sock poi I am pulling off this trick. It’s hard, granted, and the poi needs to be tossed just the right way and you’ve got to be fast about catching it, but it’s a fun and cool trick once figured out.


  1. […] an interesting variation on the classic weave. The 4-beat weave performed with the movements of the 3-beat basic weave occurring in one hand and an extra beat on the opposite when passing the poi over the other hand in […]

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